Mom and Dad are here this weekend as Manolas participated in downtown Chambersburg‘s Old Market Day craft festival yesterday. The weather was rainy here but it cooperated there; it rained on our way in, stopped as we found our spot and started to set up on S. Main Street, and then gave us a little sprinkle around lunchtime. We really lucked out. It was a large and well-trafficked fair; Melissa thinks we reached a new one-day sales high. She’s gotten several large e-orders lately, so business isn’t bad at all (for a side business).

I downloaded the first MT 3.2 beta and will probably throw a test site up soon to check it out. The new administrative features are what I’m most interested in; it’ll be interesting to see how much the product evolves for this point release.

I haven’t developed much on ICYG lately, but I did just update it with a new version of the Continuator plugin (which continues to improve). I’ve thought of a method of regularly scheduling podcasts on ICYG that should be dynamic enough to keep up with the latest downloaded version for a particular feed. Now I just have to pick shows/feeds, determine a schedule, and get to work! I’ll probably use the post-download feature of Doppler to run a script that drops the newest podcast in a particular feeds directory into a location known to my ICYG playlist-making scripts, which will call a file that includes fixed-schedule data. We’ll see how it goes.

I received the Klipsh brackets for my surround speakers, so now I just have to go get some speaker wire and conduit to get them mounted and looking nice. Probably later this week.