I wasn’t going to check out the new show “Rock Star: INXS” on CBS, but it was on last night & my parents recommended it. Melissa mentioned her mom thought I’d like it as well. I did enjoy it. Think “American Idol” with a hard rock backing band (actually very talented) and contestants with (for the most part) 1000% more chutzpah. I didn’t care for a few of the performers, but most of the 14 I saw were entertaining.

Of course, it will be interesting if this catapults the resulting INXS project to a wider audience, for artistic reasons rather than television ratings. I think it would be interesting for a female contestant to win, however it might be difficult for them to sound good on the older material that Michael Hutchence sang in a lower register.

Back in the “Kick” days, I did listen to the hits but never bought the CD. That’s about the extent of my INXS knowledge.