I batted .500 with the computer swap. The move of my server’s hard drives went well; the change in system archictectures (i875-series chipset to i845-series) was great enough to cause me to have to run an in-place OS upgrade repair to get the OS to boot again. Once that was done, Ghostrider was up on my homebrew Northwood P4-2.4GHz system happily and I got everything up pretty quickly.

However, the move of Earthshine’s (my upstairs multimedia system) drives to the Dell PowerEdge 400SC chassis (P4 2.4C with HT) couldn’t be saved by the same process. However, I’d left about half of the first hard drive (30 of 60GB) unpartitioned so I went ahead and installed WinXP there. I’m moving docs and app data over in a controlled manner to get it all back before I get all my remaining multimedia software reinstalled. Sometimes it’s good to do a fresh install, so I’m not too disappointed.

The main reason for doing this was to quiet down the office for critical listening, and I have to say, this’ll do the job. The 400SC is whisper-quiet most of the time (so far). I’m very pleased with the change.