Happy Independence Day to all us Americans.

We finished painting our master bath on Saturday, so were able to head out to my parents’ yesterday and enjoy some time with them. We went to the impressive Downpour pool complex at the Algonkian Regional Park. I enjoyed diving and the slides, and Ryan enjoyed… just about everything. Probably the best pool I’ve ever been to. My dad cooked us a great grilled pork dinner Saturday night and we caught up on The Tour via DirecTiVo. There were no local fireworks displays there on Sunday night, so Ryan and the ladies went out and got some fireworks for us to shoot off ourselves.

Today we went to a kid’s day at Claude Moore Park, where Ryan took his first-ever ride on a pony. We also took a hayride around the park and made a necklace craft with him. We were going to go over to the Reston Zoo but their admission fees ($10/adult, $8/child) scared us off. Sorry, didn’t feel like dumping $50+ on what appears to me to be a geographically challenged zoo. This is one case where Hershey may have the better deal.

Melissa and I have “forced vacation” from work this week, so we’re going to be tiling the lower half of our master bath walls and painting our master bedroom. I’ll be glad when it’s done!