I’m slowly getting ready for the trip. Loading up music on a few Hi-MD’s: the discs Streeter gave me, the new DT, and one that just arrived today, Porcupine Tree’s XMII. I haven’t camped in a while, so I’m being meticulous about getting all my toiletries together and compact. I’ll start packing in earnest tomorrow.

I bought my bike from Holmes Cycling in ’98 and it has never had a tune up, so I took it over there today to get one. Allen Holmes was nice enough to commit to having it back to me Thursday afternoon, which should give me the opportunity to get one more ride in before the trip.

Streeter is now an adjunct member of ICYG! I used the CDs he sent as his first contribution. Thanks dude!

Update 6/22: Holmes called late this afternoon and said my bike was ready, so I got to pick it up a day earlier than promised. Great service!