Spoiler warning – if you haven’t yet seen this movie, you’re lamer than me and should expect it to be spoiled. 😉

I forgot to blog the fact that I finally saw ROTS on Friday with Melissa. What’s there to say that hasn’t been already said? I felt the final 20 minutes were well spent to set the stage for the original SW trilogy. I’m a huge Artoo fan, so my favorite part was his chuckle when he and Threepio are given to Captain Antilles and Bail Organa tells him to wipe Threepio’s memory. Which of course means Obi-Wan and Artoo now share secrets throughout Episode 4 (Kenobi: “I don’t recall ever owning a droid before.” Revisionist fan: “Hah – he’s playing dumb.”) Sir Alec Guinness was already less than enamored with how big the character of OWK became; the fact that Lucas has “altered” the SW storyline to introduce continuity with the previously barely-imagined backstory of Darth Vader might cause him to roll over in his grave. Well, probably not.

OK, one minor rant out of the way. The movie was entertaining, but it spent too much time with fighting and not enough time on Padme and Anakin. After the wooden performances in Episode 2, I had higher hopes for the love scenes and they were hurried and choppy and unfulfilled. How are they supposed to get away to Padme’s dream love nest on Naboo when Anakin is supposed to be jumping around the galaxy as a Jedi Knight? Their spoken hopes seemed unbelievable in the context of the overall story. I did like the fact that Padme was buried with a seemingly pregnant belly (only from the perspective of the overall plot of the series, of course) since that effectively covered up the fact that she gave birth to Luke and Leia from the public and hence Anakin.

I thought the rushed birth of the pimped-out Darth Vader in the end was a mistake. Were they paying James Earl Jones $1m/word or something? Also thought it was weird that Palpatine himself came out to find the badly beaten Anakin on the volcano planet.

What did I like? Technically, the movie was a knockout. I enjoyed watching General Grievous, Artoo, and the droids. I always dig the light saber battles. Ewan McGregor should get an Oscar for “Best Performance By An Actor In An Obligated Leading Role”; he made the movie more fun and he kicked ass.

I’m glad I got that movie out of my system. Now I have to get some buddies together and go see a movie I expect to be better: Batman Begins. I have high hopes for Fantastic Four as well.