My father-in-law Frank is an avid amateur acoustic guitar player and teacher in the Buffalo area, and he likes to frequent the open mic nights in several local bars there. He’s visiting this weekend and arrived on Thursday, so we checked out the open mic at the Appalachian Brewing Company‘s Abbey Bar that night. It was great! The house band warmed things up with some SRV and Hendrix and played along with several of the solo players that signed up, including Frank, who was happy to have them! A number of bands came to the stage and played on the shared drums and amps; I liked two of them, “herbie” and “The Flies”, a lot. This weekly gathering of talent has quite a following and I will definitely be back. Will I get up on stage? That depends on how much Mountain Lager I’ve consumed… 😉

Update 6/20: I found herbie! Gotta check out their CDs. They are listed along with a lot of other bands at Harrisburg Online.