This weekend saw a Manolas appearance at the Lititz AMBUCS craft festival on Saturday, an excellent grilled pork tenderloin dinner from my dad, a 30-mile Sunday morning ride (my longest yet in preparing for Bike Virginia), and some barbequed chicken for lunch. We also gave my dad his Father’s Day gifts a week early.

I also found some time to get my new toys unboxed and working and started moving the displaced hardware around. My reference stereo monitoring setup (a Carvin F150 amp and two Hafler M5 monitors) will be moving downstairs, but I’m not sure whether I’ll move my Mackie 1202-VLZ mixer (which I connect via low-z cables to the F150) down with them. It makes sense, since I seem to do more mic-based recording down there (podcasts and such). We’ll see.

Now that I’m happy with the new hardware, I’ll work on getting the rear satellites wall-mounted and the subwoofer and wiring in its final position. I assume the fine folks at Bryn Mawr, uhh… Tweeter will have all the supplies I’ll need. As I mentioned a previous comment, I’m also going to swap computers so that my quieter Dell Poweredge 400SC moves to the office. That’ll be fun. (NOT)

Streeter sent me some new music to check out; I’ll probably load it up on a Hi-MD and use the nights on BV to give them a good listen. Thanks Dude!

Been listening to both DT’s Octavarium and John Wesley’s Shiver over the last week; both are excellent albums. This is a year that’s yielding lots of great music so far.