For some reason, I keep on waking up at 4-4:30am and can’t get back to sleep. Yesterday, I did manage to sleep in, but on Friday I was up early as well.

Received some more biking-related stuff in the last few days: a new royal blue jersey from Performance, which fits slightly more snugly than the Canyon that my parents gave me. Also received an Ascend cyclo-computer, so I can see how slow I’m going and how few miles I’ve racked up. 😉 I got a helmet-attachable rear-view mirror; should be interesting. And from Camp-Mor I got a rain cape my dad recommended and a headband-mounted LED lamp for the camptime navigation and reading during Bike Virginia 2005.

It’s been over 5 years since I’ve camped, so that’ll be another benefit of taking the tour. My dad’s loaning me his old tent, although I’m quite impressed with his new one, a snug Coleman 2-person (but not my sized a person) tent with a dual-arch design. Pretty cool. If I was planning to camp more as an individual I might invest in a tent, but as it is we are going to have to break out the old 8×8 dome tent that Melissa has and see if she, Ryan, and I can fit in it comfortably. At some point I think we’re going to meet my parents halfway and camp in Maryland’s Cunningham Falls State Park.

The threat of rain looms today, so I’ll probably be doing some stationary cycling and attaching the aforementioned cyclo-computer to my bike. I’m also starting to compile a few Hi-MDs with the music I’m going to want to listen to on the tour. I’ll probably keep a disc free to make some recordings.

Also trying to clean up the mounds of data I seem to pile up (TV show AVIs, redundant instances of digitized music, downloaded software). Burning to DVD-Rs is nice, but I’m certainly starting to rack up quite a few of them. I need to get more organized.

Finally picked up a new/old game on Friday: Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic. Kinda seems like Diablo meets Star Wars, in a good way. It got a lot of “game of the year” honors in 2003, so I’m thinking it should be fun. BTW, it’s just slightly depressing that a 2-year-old game’s hardware detection utility thinks my main video card (an Nvidia GeForce2 Ti) is passable but not at its recommended level (a GeForce4). At some point I’ll be upgrading the video card and my main monitor, but probably not until the monitor dies. Gotta milk this hardware for all it’s worth.