Yes, I’m up early today – probably a result of being up at 4:30 yesterday morning to get out at the crack of dawn for Manolas to participate in the Spring Crafts Festival in downtown Lebanon. The weather cooperated nicely, and it made getting over there and setting up relatively easy. Besides several new items Melissa’s made since our last show, I just got a sign made for the tent this last week. I’ll Flickr photos of this stuff later today. We ended up doing much better than we expected to do saleswise. In tallying things up yesterday Melissa said we topped our previous best, which ironically was Bridge Bust 2004. Yesterday’s show was well-attended, but certainly not as large as the Bridge Bust. There was also the flea-market element present, but with the pleasant live music and decent food I liked the Lebanon show better. I think Lebanon hasn’t seen the last of the elephant. πŸ˜‰

There are some technical things I wanted to blog about getting the sign I mention printed at Kinko’s. They had warned in their signs catalog that for cut vinyl, they required encapsulated PostScript, or any Illustrator- or Freehand-compatible vector format file. I thought this would be an issue, since we lay all of Manolas’ graphic art out in MS Publisher 2003 (don’t yell at me, MS gave me a copy!) and it doesn’t natively support export to other vector-based formats. I can export to many other raster formats, but they were useless for this job. However, Kinko’s had a “print to PDF” option on their workstation that had Publisher installed. This turned out to be the bridge we needed to make my sign design turn into reality. It actually turned out pretty cool for what it is, and was certainly used by the passers-by yesterday. It also helped to make our display one of the nicer ones, based on some of the comments we received. For future work like this, my dad recommended that I install a PS-printer here at home and then use it to “print to file” to convert our Publisher work to PS. We’ll see.

Mom and Dad are visiting this weekend, and Dad and I are going to take a bike ride in a little later. Looks like we shouldn’t get rained on. So I’ll be offline until tonight!