Cyg’s Bunters are doing well in both of their leagues. They’re currently in fourth place in the competetive 12-team Brutal Deluxe Baseball League; three teams, including the Bunters, are within 4.5 games of the lead. They’re currently leading Pixel’s All Pro League of 8 teams. Both leagues are head-to-head, but Pixel’s league has 25 point categories and the BDBL has 10.

I had high draft order in each league and secured A-Rod in both. Many of my other picks (I didn’t rank, just left Yahoo’s autoranked list as the default) seem good as well. I don’t follow baseball a whole lot, but participating in these leagues, particularly with no hockey on, is making me pay a little more attention. Melissa even asked me why I kept switching over to the ESPN HD game last night (Mets vs. Nationals) during commercials on ABC. “To watch the game!” I said. 😉

I made my first gutsy (?) managerial move this week in the BDBL. About halfway through the week, I’d reached the minimum “innings pitched” requirement and the opposing team had a lot of injured pitchers. My corps had amassed a relatively low ERA (2.83) and WHIP (1.40), so I benched all my pitchers Wednesday through Sunday. It worked out well enough, as I went 3-2 in the pitching categories and 4-0-1 in the slugging ones. I figured leaving my pitchers in might give me higher W’s and strikeouts, but I decided to take a chance and bench them.

Otherwise, I’ve just been watching the trends and trying to put the best players on the diamond at a partcular time. Baseball certainly has plenty of stats to keep up with; it’s a great fantasy sport. I even like checking it out in person every once in a while.