Another gorgeous day here in Harrisburg. Melissa and I dug out a new planting area where she’s planning to put some bushes. I’m pretty tired from that. After that, I took out the mower, changed the oil and sharpened the blade with my Dremel. I borrowed my neighbor’s B&D Workbench to fasten my vise to so it could hold the blade. I’m definitely going to get one of those Workbenches for myself. I don’t do much woodworking, but with one of those I’d at least be able to do more of it.

I’m chilling out now, listening to ICYG. It’s rare that I can sit down and listen to more than 30 minutes of it at a time, but when I do I really dig the mix. Definitely a worthwhile effort. Thanks to my fellow members for their great submissions, especially Citrus, who’s uploaded quite a few new tracks recently (and even ICYG-tagged some of them! 😉 ).