I’m on the Rush.com mailing list, but I haven’t actively participated on TRI-NET for quite a while. They sent me an informational email about how my address had fallen onto a member list that hadn’t been referenced in a while. The first thing I saw when I went to their main page was a link to purchase a remastered version of their 2002 album, Vapor Trails. Yes, the one many of us technically savvy Rush fans had a fit over because the engineering of the recording and the mastering was not up to Rush’s standards (as we understood them) and in our opinion, the music suffered. I liked Rip Rowan’s take the best. I had actually produced a page on the problems using my free Comcast webspace, but had taken it down last October. It’s in my archives, so I’ve put it back up here.

I haven’t yet found anything about this more official than that Atlantic link. I hope there will be a way for me to obtain a fixed version of the album that involves trading in the “broken” one and avoiding paying full price for the CD. Assuming this is for real, of course, and that the recording has actually been fixed.

Amazon Item Link: Rush – Vapor Trails [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED]