After 2 successive weekends of visiting parents, we are staying put this weekend. It was a great day to clean. I cleaned my car inside and out, more thoroughly than usual (soap and water on the inside, believe it or not). It should smell nice when I meet up with Chuck and Scott for the official BDFL 2004 trophy presentation tomorrow. Look for a new BDFL podcast here in the next few days.

So Scott’s a switcher; cool. After using Don’s Mini, I definitely know that for me it would make an excellent Internet terminal or audio manager (both for my personal listening and as an ICYG server). It certainly would be easy on the eyes whether it was sitting at a desk or in the living room or kitchen.

Alas, I probably won’t be getting a new computer anytime soon. No real need for one at this point. I keep drooling over the Dell LCD deals that pop up occasionally. I know that when the time’s right, a 19″ LCD will look really nice in my office. Now, if my workhorse Samsung SyncMaster 17GLsi would just retire itself; I think it’s about 10 years old now.

Still holding out some hope for a Porcupine Tree show in Baltimore, although I think I’m prepared to go out to Philly if that’s what it takes to take in my first live PT. Luckily I have some buds that aren’t PT fans (aside from hearing “The Sound of Muzak” mixed in the warm-up music at a Rush show) who are open to checking out the band with me.

Ryan got into the kindergarten we were hoping for. It’s amazing how much energy and worry can be expended (much of it rightfully so) dealing with your first-born’s first taste of formal education.

We usually owe the IRS some outstanding tax, so we usually file pretty late. Well, this year, Manolas is now figuring into the mix and we’re actually going to get some bucks back. Of course, I’m sure they will find their way back into the business some way or another.

Now is that an update or what?