I didn’t want to blog about this until I was pretty sure I was going to do this, so here goes: I’m participating in the Bike Virginia tour this year. My dad is an avid cyclist and since we’re living much closer to each other than in years past (we’re now just two hours’ drive apart), he invited me to join him on this tour. This is his first tour since moving to Virginia about a year and a half ago; while in the Atlanta area, he participated in two BRAGs.

I’m not an avid cyclist, but I used to be. Mainly it was when I was a teenager, and wanted to get around by myself. At least until I had a driver’s license and access to motorized wheels. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have a decent enough bike (a 1998 Giant Sedona SE) and have started to modify it for the tour. The first thing that was changed were the WTB Raptor MTB tires (knobbies); I put on Michelin Transworld City Tires. I also added a front pack. Other than some adjustments and some possible decorations, that’s the extent of the changes to my bike.

So, what happened this weekend that made me decide to talk about this now? We took a trip down to see my parents this weekend, with my bike, and my Dad and I managed to squeeze an 18-mile ride in on Saturday afternoon. I ride occasionally, but normally it’s just a quick trip to Wildwood; usually I’m on the bike about 30 minutes. This trip took about an hour and a half. Other than the soreness in my rear after I was done, I felt pretty good and realize that even though I’ve got a bit of training to do before June, I enjoyed myself and I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble getting in enough shape to enjoy the tour.

I plan on finally checking out some of the rail trails in the area so that I can do some controlled distance riding. If any of you (especially Ed) have tips, please post them or email me directly.

I’ll probably blog about this on and off over the course of the next few months, and may find a ride or two in the area I’ll participate in to further my conditioning. This is the first concerted exercising effort I’ve undertaken in a number of years, so I have plenty of motivation to make this work!