Scot Hacker speaks thoughtfully about his experiences trying to fight MT comment spam. He’s dealt with it first-hand as a multi-blog MT host. I did turn off unregistered commenters for a while when TypeKey came out, but then turned them back on when MT 3.1 and MT-Blacklist 2 came out, not realizing that MTBL would need the resources it does to filter out a comment spam storm.

Seeing as comment spammers are the reason why I’ve received nastygrams from my host, I will probably follow Scot’s lead and require TypeKey authentication. Scot’s the first person outside of Six Apart that I’ve read who had such a thorough dissection of the problem and the steps needed to combat it. I’m only dealing with a single blog here (MHS doesn’t allow comments – yet), but I’m getting spammed often enough that it’s gotten to be a real annoyance cleaning up.