As I’m approaching my fourth year of CMS-based blogging (first Squishdot, then Movable Type), I’ve been thinking about some site redesign and a little refocus. Here are some of the changes I’m considering:

  • Wider layout, with a three columns on the front page and two columns on the archive pages.
  • More feed-powered content; for example, syndication of my feed and my Amazon-based current recommendations list as sidebar-based link blogs. (Both those lists are pretty new and I’m just starting to populate them.)
  • Slightly larger fonts, different than the default MT fonts. I’m thinking of going with a seriffed font, but we’ll see.
  • Trying to harness the potential of Google AdSense without using up too much real estate.
  • Focusing more on my core interests (music and its intersection with existing and new technologies, football) than before, but still keeping this a personal blog. I think the link blog will help with this.
  • Changing the default MT comments layout significantly, especially with respect to the Gravatar support. I’ve seen others do a nice job with that.
  • Going back and cleaning up a lot of the old content. Recategorizing would help here.

That’s enough on the plate for now, I think. Have a suggestion? Please post it.