Blackfield (2004) - Purchasing via this link supports Cygweb

Tonight at the Canal Room, Don and I had the pleasure of checking out a stripped-down version of Blackfield, featuring Steven Wilson, Aviv Geffen, and Jordan Rudess. This was definitely a show I’ll remember for a while. Besides the fact that we were at the edge of stage left (mostly Aviv’s domain), the unique renditions of the songs that were played made for an energetic show.


We estimated at least 300 people were present for the concert, and most appeared to be knowledgable fans of the album. There was plenty of singing along (especially by yours truly), even though the Blackfield album was only recently released in the US. Like us, many probably heard of the album via a previous interest in Steven or Aviv. It was released about a year ago in Israel, and a few months after that in Europe.

The show was about 1.5 hours and featured seven songs from the album, the non-album track “Feel So Low”, and some of Steven Wilson’s originals and cover tunes (including his rendition of Alanis Morrisette’s “Thank You”). Aviv also introduced the song “Miss You” as coming on “the next Blackfield album”. Bring it on!


After the show, we hung around and got to meet Steven and Aviv briefly and thank them for the great album and show. Don purchased the vinyl version of the album, had it signed by both gentlemen, and I took his snapshot with each of them. (I was too shy to get my photo taken with them, and also didn’t want to impose!)

This experience reminds me of why I love club shows so much. Thanks to Don for the invite; I hope we’ll be able to catch one of the upcoming Porcupine Tree shows (featuring the full Blackfield band lineup opening?) together as well!

Link: Don’s take on the show.