When your hosting provider’s tech support sends a strongly-, but garbly-, worded email saying that this is the second warning that you are using a shell script to run mt-comments.cgi on a listening port in violation of the terms of service, but you aren’t, do you:

a) Change your mt-comments.cgi script to something slightly more obscure?
b) Export all of your MT entries?
c) Think about moving off of MT, even though you like it and have a paid license for it?
d) Think about that migration to another provider (perhaps one more friendly/knowledgeable regarding MT) you’re going to do in the fall anyways because you’re too cheap to pay the regular rate for the free 3-year hosting plan whose metrics are now a bit outdated?
e) All of the above?

I just did a) and I’m trying to do b), but not all of my stuff is coming out. Good night!