The following essay is from my wife, Melissa. She’s thrilled about the Academy Awards show tonight:

Well, it’s Oscar time once again and I am none too thrilled with its taking up valuable prime time on Sunday. Every year I become more and more irate with the awing, oohing, and just plain ridiculous fascination the American people have with these so-called “celebrities”. Where else but in America would we be ok with “honoring” these multi-millionaires several times a year for a doing such a great job at pretending to be someone else. No, it doesn’t stop at the Oscars – there are the SAG Awards, the People’s Choice Awards, the Tony Awards, the Emmy Awards, the Daytime Emmy Awards, and the Golden Globe Awards. Oh, and don’t let me forget the precious award they receive – a handmade statue dipped in 24K gold and hand delivered by the artist himself! Since we know that these actors are so under-paid, the fashion designers and jewelers offer their wares for free! Oh, aren’t they so generous?

Well, I can’t completely blame these professional fakers – it’s not all their fault. Once again our wonderful media is to thank for turning our average worker into the insignificant. Why would we want to see a hard-working American change the world by curing a disease, or saving a child from a fire, or developing a new wonder-drug to save the world from harmful diseases? Where are the 24K dipped awards and free designer clothes for these heroes? No, it’s much more fun (& informative) to marvel over a world 99% of Americans will never enjoy. So – we are left to wonder what it would be like to not have to worry about corporate layoffs, losing jobs to China, and figuring out how we can afford to take our annual family vacation.

I’m waiting for the day that America and the media are interested in making our every day worker the true celebrity. I, personally, would be ecstatic to see many award shows honoring the real people who work hard every day of their lives and most likely aren’t getting the pay or the respect they deserve.