Just as the snow was just about done melting off (sound familiar?), we’re getting another blanket tonight. It’s pretty wet stuff, so I’ll get a good workout tomorrow morning. 😉

The Oscars are coming up this Sunday. Unlike last year, where I was really pumped up to see ROTK do well, I won’t bother trying to make predictions. I haven’t yet seen any of the films up for Best Picture, although I do play to see Ray and Sideways at some point. I usually watch the Academy Awards to cheer on the sci-fi/fantasy genre films; most years we only see them in the technical categories. Melissa’s a bit more cynical about the awards than me, in fact she’s writing a guest blog entry that’ll be posted in the next day or two.

I’m slightly bummed that the Blackfield show I mentioned has turned into an acoustic gig, but since it’ll be the first time I’ve seen Steven Wilson or Aviv Geffen live I think it’ll still be a great experience.

In my quest to make the PennLive weblogs list, here’s local news: no Central Dauphin school buses have yet rammed into my mailbox this season. They got it last year.