We had a good meetup this evening. I had the pleasure of meeting Ed Hidden in person for the first time, as well as Dean Betz from PennLive and Alan Hayakawa of the Patriot-News (who handles the Know@Noon newsletter & site). We spoke with Dean and Alan for a while about our blathering blogging and other tech interests, and they let us know that they’re interested in linking to our locally relevant news and fostering the blogging community of Central PA. As a result, I’ll probably try to focus a little more on blogging about my Harrisburg-area-specific experiences as a way of providing content of interest to more than just “us geeks”.

Thanks again to Ross for hosting the meetup and Dean and Alan for taking some time to listen. Maybe this local news will get me some linkage from the PL crew. 😉

Know@Noon’s entry about the meetup

Update (2/17 11:45am): Alan included a writeup of the meetup (and a link to my blog, thanks) in today’s Know@Noon.