What kind of a geek posts an entry during the Super Bowl halftime show? I’m sure there’s more than just a few of us… 😉

Aside from the Eagles’ turnovers, it’s been a close game as expected. (Whoah! McCartney’s taking it off! Oh, just his coat… no nipplegate this year. 🙂 ) I’m glad both teams’ defenses are playing as great as they both are. Go Eagles!

Best commercial so far: FedEx Kinko’s “10 Things…”. Worst: Ameriquest’s “Don’t Assume”. The most smackdown-deserving item so far. Most surprising commercial: Ford Mustang Convertible’s “Frozen Guy”.

The Fox HD coverage before and during the game has been quite good. No technical problems in the transmission. Haven’t been able to tell if any of the “turf cams” have been used. I like the fact that so much more of the non-game programming is in HD. A good 1/4 to 1/3 of the major commercials have been HD, and many of Fox’s promos have been.

Yes, I’m posting from home. Our plans to get together at our friends’ house fell through (they had to travel today and didn’t call over before the game). Still loving the game from here!

Back to football!