I enjoyed the first episode of “Boston Legal” last night. It certainly seems like a hybrid of “The Practice” and “Ally McBeal”, but is trying to be edgier than either of them. From a technical perspective, the thing that stood out the most to me was the transition between scenes; four (? – didn’t record the show) quick close-up camera shots of the new scene synced with beats of the background music. I also thought the effects and text play in the opening sequence were fresh.

The plots were good, and not boring. David Kelley continues to pick interesting legal conundrums to explore; the plot about the little black girl who wanted to play “Little Orphan Annie” (and had the pipes for it) was fun. And the cameo by the Reverend Al Sharpton was HILARIOUS.

I’ll definitely continue to tune in. ABC is definitely upping the ante this season; “Lost” is a fun watch as well.