From the Horse’s Mouth: Microsoft Details Windows Server Roadmap

This is where my bread is buttered; I have to say that I think Windows Server 2003 is one heck of a server OS. One thing that has smoothed the transition between Windows 2000 and 2003 for me at work is how reliable the in-place upgrade process has been. Being only a minor version upgrade, it works much better than the few in-place upgrades I did of NT4 to Windows 2000. So much cruft is kept from the older install in terms of registry settings that an upgraded server can sometimes be a handicapped one.

I hope WS2003 R2 brings another smooth transition. Of course, I and many others consider each Service Pack release to be a minor version upgrade. It should be interesting to see what R2 brings to the table that an SP wouldn’t. I expect Longhorn Server (due in 2007) to be a major transition.

Another fun aspect of all of this is figuring what hardware to run this stuff on. I’m anxious to bring in our first 4-way Opteron Server once the x86-64-compatible WS2003 version is released, even though it’s supposed to compare favorably to the Xeon even with the 32-bit version of the OS.

While I’m talking about work, I should share that we had our “Spring Fling” this afternoon; an afternoon of games, drinks, and ice cream with my co-workers. My team played volleyball together for the first time, and narrowly lost our first-round game. However, I played horseshoes for the first time in forever and my team won our first-round game and came within 4 points of winning our second-round one. Thanks to Mother Nature for only sprinkling us with a few stray drops; it is nice out there today.