I should put an anti-airline category on this site, I guess. This story on CNet bugs me: Orbitz Raises Ticket Fees. An online ticketing agency formed by the major airlines has to raise its per-ticket fees? I think they’re trying to milk their customers for as much money as possible.
Trying to “psych out” customers by keeping a main cost the same while adding separate, non-optional fees is nothing new. The most notorious example of this I experienced was at my alma mater, when they started charging a transportation fee for the shuttle busses that ran between the North and South Campuses (which are about 5 miles apart). At the time, the campuses were treated as one with respect to dormitories, undergrad & grad class locations, and departments; the shuttle busses had always been considered the University’s way of legitimizing this union. Then they created the transportation fee and charged it to every student, for use of the busses and the parking lots (which you needed to get a hangtag to use), regardless of how one transported themselves to school.