Originally posted by Alex on Wednesday June 11, @08:44PM

I picked up a new pair of contacts yesterday; my first new pair in 4 years.
My vision isn’t degrading as fast as it used to, but the new contacts are very
welcome. I notice the additional clarity most when I’m driving. The one thing
that stood out this morning on my drive into work (besides being able to read
signs from farther away) was the definition in reflections on other cars. I
guess it’s the little things that get me, sometimes.WCYG is now sourced
from Winamp 2.91/SQRSoft ACF 1.75/Oddcast v1 (Feb Build). Turning metadata off,
this is the most stable and best-sounding config I’ve had in a while. Please
check out the stream if you’re interested by plugging the WCYG link into your
streaming Vorbis player. Foobar2000 and XMMS are the most
stable clients I’ve found.

We recently purchased a 32″ JVC HDTV
(AV-32P903) and I’m really digging it. DVD movies in progressive-scan mode look
great. My wife and I watched “The Fast and the Furious” together Friday night
and really enjoyed the movie. I was worried that she wouldn’t see the difference
from our old setup, but she assured me that she did. I’m getting an HD box from
Comcast on Saturday that will give us some additional second- and third-tier
digital stations, plus our local HD versions of CBS, NBC, and PBS affiliates.
It’s going to be great, but I just wish our local ABC affiliate was planning on
going digital before the fall; I really wanted HD Monday Night Football this
year. I just did some digging and found out that Super Bowl
XXXVIII will be broadcast by CBS
! CBS is committing to one HD game per week,
and should have some good HD coverage in the playoffs. Excellent!

son’s class had a Fathers’ Day party for the dads this morning. It was
cool.I’m really enjoying the new KX album. My last few new CD purchases
(3 Doors Down, OSI, KX) have all been really enjoyable.